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National General Insurance

Billing: 1-877-468-3466


Website: http://www.nationalgeneral.com/

Greenville Casualty Insurance

Billing: 1-800-982-5783 


Website:  https://web.greenvillecasualty.com

​Selective Insurance

Billing: 1-800-735-3284

Claims: 1-866-455-9969

Website:  www.selective.com

​Foremost Insurance

Billing: 1-888-888-0080 Auto

Billing: 1-800-532-4221 Other products

Claims:1-800-752-2461 Auto

Claims: 1-800-527-3907 Other products

Website:  www.foremost.com

​Liberty Mutual

Billing: 1-877-675-4411


Website:  www.libertymutual.com

American Strategic Insurance

Billing:    1-866-274-8765

Claims:  1-866-274-5677


Travelers Insurance


Claims: 1-800-252-4633

Website: www.travelers.com



Claims: 1-800-922-4050             

Website: www.hagerty.com

The Hartford


Claims: 1-877-805-9918              

Website: www.thehartford.com

Auto-Owners or Owners Insurance

Customer Service: 1-800-346-0346

Billing:  1-800-346-0346              

Website:  www.auto-owners.com

​Southern Mutual Insurance Company

Billing:​  1-800-226-1919

Claims: 1-800-226-1919

Website:  www.southernmutual.com

Safeco Insurance

Billing: 1-877-566-6001


Website:  www.safeco.com

Dairyland Auto and Cycle Insurance

Billing: 1-800-334-0090

Claims: 1-800-334-0090

Website:  www.dairylandauto.com

The National Security Group

Billing:  1-800-239-2358

Claims: 1-800-239-2358


During business hours please contact us with any billing or claims questions you may have. We would be happy to help you.  If you are searching after hours, our carriers contact information is availalbe below.


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Carrier contact information

American Collectors Insurance

Billing: 1-888-505-7443

Claims: 1-800-360-2277

Website:  www.americancollectors.com

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PO Box 170396

Spartanburg, SC  29301

Fax: (864) 764-1715

Omni Insurance Group

Billing: 1-866-300-6433

Claims: 1-800-727-6664

Website:  http://www.omni-insurance.com

American Modern Insurance

Billing: 1-800-543-2644

Claims:1- 1-800-375-2075

Website: http://www.amig.com/

Progressive Insurance Group

Billing: 1-877-776-2436

Claims: 1-877-776-2436

Website:  http://www.progressive.com

118 Southport Rd

Spartanburg, SC 29306

Phone:  (864) 764-1714

Email:  Info@compassinsurance.biz